Reply To: Alone heartbroken

Who am I to you?

You tell me I’m beautiful but you can’t call me by name
The one thousand times you’ve told you love, you haven’t gave a place in your heart

You call me ‘you’ even in the darkest times. Am I horror before your eyes? Solemnly dismissed is my place in your heart.

The promising words ,you still call me ‘her’ among your peers. A dove can even tell the water hasn’t sunk in your heart. The one thousand times you call me ‘babe’ your eyes don’t say the same.

Who am I to you ? What am I to you ? I need to know , fill me in like some empty rubbish pit. Give me something to hold on during this time.

Who am I to you?

By Sinenhlanhla Simelane

Sinenhlanhla Simelane


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