Alone heartbroken

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  • Alone heartbroken

    • Alone heartbroken

      You left me unexpected, making me feel rejected
      You requested for a breakup, repeating itself many times in a recap
      You didn’t say it on phone, you made it unknown
      Didn’t tell me in person, that made me feel like an assassin
      After all, you didn’t say goodbye, I just didn’t know why
      All you felt for me could be a lie
      You never thought of saying sorry, I still decide not to worry
      Memories just bump into my ears, I can’t believe it was a lie for all these years
      I’m now better alone, I wish not to see your first message,hello
      You came with nothing, left with something
      You stole my happiness, letting me grow in sadness
      Tears don’t come out of my eyes because you left me
      You left me unhappy, you are too mean.

      Eye zake

      Eye zake
    • Who am I to you?

      You tell me I’m beautiful but you can’t call me by name
      The one thousand times you’ve told you love, you haven’t gave a place in your heart

      You call me ‘you’ even in the darkest times. Am I horror before your eyes? Solemnly dismissed is my place in your heart.

      The promising words ,you still call me ‘her’ among your peers. A dove can even tell the water hasn’t sunk in your heart. The one thousand times you call me ‘babe’ your eyes don’t say the same.

      Who am I to you ? What am I to you ? I need to know , fill me in like some empty rubbish pit. Give me something to hold on during this time.

      Who am I to you?

      By Sinenhlanhla Simelane

      Sinenhlanhla Simelane
    • Nice poem I love it🤜

    • a fear of my worst nightmare,
      possibly coming true
      is just too much for me to bare,
      and it would be the same for you

      my heart is damaged beyond repair,
      i couldn’t be more blue
      you left me in despair
      when you found someone new

      tutu anderson
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