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The Last Resort
I was feeling a bit odd, without any compromise that I’ve realized
I was mistaken, taken that everything was just an illusion.
Truthfully I was high, I didn’t think, I wasn’t ready, and it wasn’t wise.
I expected too much and gain too little, only caused mishaps and confusion.

You were everything for me, and I thought you were here to stay.
It was all my fault; I got it all in the way, begging for you to lay
Down with me, and now everything isn’t what I wanted it to be.
Counting the stars, touching the sky, I feel like I would be free.

I was dumb, I was uncautious, risking all in the line for a little favor.
No one needed to reciprocate; it was all deliberate, and all was so late.
Looking for the next steps without a map, panicking now than later.
My conscience wasn’t ready, and my emotions were filled with hate.

I didn’t even understand that you weren’t an object. You weren’t free.
Risking it all for some recognition. I didn’t even realize your condition.
I could never expect it. Everything and anything was for you, can’t you see?
Simplicity was your form; I didn’t recognize it, there was no intuition.

I can’t force you; you weren’t made to do it. Sometimes I feel a bit cold.
Withdrew a lot for you. Without any doubt, no guilt and no fear just to show.
It wasn’t fake; it was all for you. Feeling a bit sick now, I gotta lay low.
You weren’t my last resort, don’t you feel bad. Just wait, don’t hold.

Job Ilao


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