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    • To all Our Family, this not a poem. This is a request for help I am broke sleeping on my brothers coach which is cool. But I need to be carried for awhile. Mike Dotson Nicholasville Ky 40356 You can usually find me at Lake Mingo in Nicholasville 859 382 7243. Text who you are first Please Amen!

      Michael Dotson
    • The Last Resort
      I was feeling a bit odd, without any compromise that I’ve realized
      I was mistaken, taken that everything was just an illusion.
      Truthfully I was high, I didn’t think, I wasn’t ready, and it wasn’t wise.
      I expected too much and gain too little, only caused mishaps and confusion.

      You were everything for me, and I thought you were here to stay.
      It was all my fault; I got it all in the way, begging for you to lay
      Down with me, and now everything isn’t what I wanted it to be.
      Counting the stars, touching the sky, I feel like I would be free.

      I was dumb, I was uncautious, risking all in the line for a little favor.
      No one needed to reciprocate; it was all deliberate, and all was so late.
      Looking for the next steps without a map, panicking now than later.
      My conscience wasn’t ready, and my emotions were filled with hate.

      I didn’t even understand that you weren’t an object. You weren’t free.
      Risking it all for some recognition. I didn’t even realize your condition.
      I could never expect it. Everything and anything was for you, can’t you see?
      Simplicity was your form; I didn’t recognize it, there was no intuition.

      I can’t force you; you weren’t made to do it. Sometimes I feel a bit cold.
      Withdrew a lot for you. Without any doubt, no guilt and no fear just to show.
      It wasn’t fake; it was all for you. Feeling a bit sick now, I gotta lay low.
      You weren’t my last resort, don’t you feel bad. Just wait, don’t hold.

      Job Ilao
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