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    • People will tell you that life is a game…. well, you win.
      That time when you said that I wasn’t good enough? Your right. You win
      The time when you said that I wouldn’t amount to anything? Your right. You win
      Do you remember when you said that I didn’t try? And that I run away from everything when it gets hard? Your right. You win.
      How about when you said that if I go to school, I will screw up my kids;because I wouldn’t be there for them enough? I really did screw them up. You win again.
      All those times that I tried to prove that I was just as good as everyone else? I failed. I lost. You win.
      Losing you. The one thing that kept me sane through all the tough times….. When I was so close to saying goodbye to everyone that I loved, but didnt love me back? When I was drowning in misery, and always thought that I wasn’t good enough? You win. I’m really not good enough. Not good enough to be your daughter. Not good enough to be a mom. Not good enough to be anyone;other than myself. Hopeless, heartbroken, nothing but dust, nothing at all. Because of you and your thoughtlessness you made me realize that you are the champion of making others feel less than themselves. I feel sorry for anyone who walks in your path. I hope that they will be stronger than I ever was; because then maybe one day they will win. But as for me…… I lost. I give up. I’m tired of trying to gain approval. I’m tired of always feeling like I will never be good enough for anyone. I’m just tired.

    • When One Can Strip The Soul Down Like The Words I Just Read Then What’s Left Is BEAUTY In Truth, peace of mind 👍

      Michael Dotson
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