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    • I am a doctor, a most noble man
      Forged in the flames of candour and pan
      I am a gentleman with a good heart
      On peace and calmness lies my path
      Though I am human and may err
      I take reproach with tact and care.

      I am jovial and funny
      As sweet as honey
      The ladies love my adorable temperament
      It glows like the garden of Versailles radiant
      I am a man of good intellect
      Though not sociable, I have self-respect.

      I am introverted, a genius in his world
      Married to his books with focus uncurled
      My weekends are vested in watching football
      It warms my soul like seeing a waterfall
      Though not a voracious reader
      I’m always as busy as a beaver.

      A showy person is who I am not
      To dress to the gallery is not a thought
      I am simple in dressing and appearance
      Flamboyance and ostentation are of good riddance.
      I fancy being in sporting apparel
      Light and thin like a red squirrel

      I am a noble and kind young man
      You wouldn’t find better if you looked for one
      Life has taught me so many lessons
      Though bitter and sour, they have been blessings
      Soaring like an eagle to greater heights
      A story to be told in dangling lights.

      Eziefuna Ezenwa chukwunonso
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