What is love?

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  • What is love?

    • For years I’ve been existing
      Yet the question remains hanging
      On what is the real meaning
      Of love that keeps the world swaying

      Is it a rush of a feeling
      A sentiment, an understanding?
      Is it something promising
      Full of uncertainties yet worth vowing?

      Has it always been merrymaking
      Pleasing anyhow a sense of gratifying?
      Or Is it something understanding
      Compromising and worthy of sacrificing?

      Is love shown through concrete actions or undertakings
      Passionate kissing
      Presents bestowing
      Or Words that remain affirming?

      I believe it can be painful
      quite agonizing
      Still, why do we keep on loving?
      Is it still worth reminiscing
      though the scars it brought persists lingering?

      These questions that keep wandering
      Won’t give me ease unless
      I find the essence of this thing called love that’s worth pursuing

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