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    • Now it’s raining
      reminding me of sorrows buried deep
      The breeze cooling my inner tumoil
      The sky ajar wetting earth
      I think my pain has been subdued

      I look out through my window
      It seems a new horizon has come
      maybe the rain did wash out my insecurities
      and the air my pains did dry
      Heck I think I might have been saved

      Alone in my room
      With a Crack of smile
      a balm to my soul and a solicitor to my pains
      I pray am saved wishing my demons remain locked up till forever


    • Sprinkle-Sprinkle Rain.

      Rainbow sucks the rain
      Dry Air moves to east
      And farmed crops need harvest

      When it comes end
      Farmers speak soundly
      And see itch at their face

      Yakubu Nasiru Khalid
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