Under the moonlight

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  • Under the moonlight

    • from the moon i have life
      and in the sun the cloud of death will lead my feet
      the illusion of this world
      is the castle of my love and defeat
      the passion for my art
      fills the silence in my heart
      I crave to embrace my beloved
      before the time comes for me to depart

      when the fullmoon gets angry
      and lashes the waves with its whip
      it brings tears to my eyes
      to look at the moon clip
      like a bird with clip wings
      unable to fly
      life becomes a prison
      that I have no choice only to comply

      forsaken by the angel of my dream
      I cry in the cemetery bed
      before I can fall asleep
      I am like that bird who cannot fly
      except in anticipation to wait for
      what I must reap
      an unfulfilled promise she left
      me with the shadow of hope
      for the rest of life’s journey
      with humility I must cope

      the bittersweet memories of the time
      spent together we wonderfully shared
      I can only offer her a flower
      every full moon without being scared
      to illuminate the darkness
      in my mind
      this world I will not cry for
      which I will leave behind.

      sookdeo manansingh
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