Till Death do us part

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  • Till Death do us part

    • She promised me to stay a lil longer,
      I wonder if I held her hand stronger.
      My hands were folded in orison but my wildest fears came true,
      And I could see the shadow of death covering her in and through.
      There was nothing I could do besides waiting for the lines to move (in ECG,)
      And the thought of unsaid goodbyes still hurt as a deep groove.
      Now my couch doesn’t feel the same warmth of our love and fights,
      And my pillow wakes up wet each day as a witness of my dreary nights.
      No food tastes the same as now I only arrange plates for one,
      And now I’ve no-one to admire and kiss under the setting sun.
      Our story met a tragic end before it could actually start,
      And I never knew you meant your words when you promised me -“Till death do us part”
      I always wonder if I had offered my soul instead of yours,
      But I guess that’s how destiny decided to unfold this chaos.
      I’ll not make you regret your choice and will live the two lives,
      One of mine and the other of the girl who never afraid to die.
      I still visit your grave each day and just simply stare
      And please give my regards to the holy almighty and ask him to take your care.
      Don’t worry my love maybe not on earth but in the stars we’ll unite,
      Till then I’ll have your memories as my strength to continue the fight.

      Harshit Chaubey
    • beau poème monsieur

      Taseefa Khan
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