the way it is

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  • the way it is

    • The way it was
      The way i see it
      I don t miss the morning sun
      Or those happy birds
      Who always seem to singing the same song that sound like
      You,v done it again you have arrived home late again
      With nothing to show but the feeling of being the joke
      Nothing to show but the shame and fear of what’s ahead
      Oh why didn’t i go straight to bed
      Why didn’t i use my head
      Why didn’t i say one more i be off
      Why couldn’t i just have a quiet one
      Why couldn’t i just behave me self
      Why couldn’t i be brave
      Why at this hour i couldn’t be waking
      Instead am retrieving for other day
      To dire the sweats of what if its and chemicals
      Heavy breathing an a lonely bed
      Aw its doesn’t really matter if i wake up
      I have been living this same day
      Day in and day out
      At this stage of the game death
      Would be a perfect break

      let it out
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