the stand up act

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  • the stand up act

    • Black crow

      A blacksmith drummer
      No bass just ferocious …. tapper
      hits at the window pane

      The wicked grey tailed gent
      Socialist as his brood …decent
      craw out passing of brethren

      The black hole of a habitat
      Swallower of sticky snot….that
      cleans trashy ill litter ates

      The cloth hanger thief
      Sneaky cricketing cheeky…. brief
      builds a sloppy pile of sticks

      Avian dark zinger
      Freaky tease flying over..winger
      smacks the lazy head

      The Shiva who can
      Stare death in the beak ..span
      Takes avataars in flight

      A janitor an ancestor a scapegoat
      A smart aleck pet …mascot
      Demon but not sought

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