The potential of a poetic mind

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  • The potential of a poetic mind

    • The Father in heaven
      knows your pain
      with showers of wisdom
      he adds to your gain
      though everything in this world moves by time
      it takes patience to live
      in the same way you nurture a seed
      with a clear heart
      you will find love to forgive

      you don’t have to venture into the world
      to look for a dream
      he sends it knocking at your door
      like bubbles in a stream
      with darkness all around
      every day you are caught to play
      a different role
      your persuasion to succeed
      leads you to be fearless in this world

      as fast as a reindeer you can travel with the mind
      as fast as an arrow
      the target it will find
      your hearts desire never fail
      when you have faith in the word of truth
      continue in the quest for enlightenment
      and in time you will reap the golden fruit

      to find the enjoyment of life
      each time you change your role on stage
      the secret of the universe
      will reveal itself until you can transform
      into sage
      through serendipity the clouds
      in the horizon will reflect the true light
      the light of the soul that corresponds
      to the planets
      in twilight.

      sookdeo manansingh
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