The Monster’s words

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  • The Monster’s words

    • “Run run,don’t look back,
      Even though it won’t really help.
      As running in circles,
      Will always make you come back.”

      “Run run,don’t look back,
      So you can pretend that you will escape.
      Even though you know you will come back
      And can never escape”

      “Close your eyes,
      As it cannot fade,
      Deny it,
      As reality can never be changed”

      But I stopped for once
      And looked back
      To see the monster with a pathetic laugh
      Repeating all these to me once again.

      His eyes filled with my memories
      Smile carved out my pain
      To me he said “Run don’t look back,
      Since you’re running in circles
      You will always come back.”

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