The Levitation

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  • The Levitation

    • The Levitation

      Looking up at the lonely sky
      I still see the fiery smile
      Out of every single light
      I can’t leave without a sigh

      Talking to a bird beside
      I saw you walking to the lawn
      Holding him by my side
      I came to see my lovely bride

      “Hey my love,I love you hard
      But for my love,I need your heart
      Just tell me that you love me back
      Oh my God, am breaking bad”

      “Just leave me like a single star
      I can’t love a senseless heart
      For me a guy is waiting there
      Look at him,he’s too far”

      Left that side without a turn
      Walked upon the lonely road
      All those noice began to rhyme
      I was like a made-up fun

      As I left the sky got dark
      Rained down through the swirly cloud
      Drop a tear on her head
      Another tear on her lark

      For her,was of beaming joy
      For me,was of burning pain
      All the looks began to fade
      Untill all became a troy

      After all these gleaming days
      I can spare another time
      To tell you all my raining thoughts
      But a bunch of burning lies

      I still look up at that sky
      I still see the fiery smile
      But i just hope she live so bright
      And i still love without a sigh.

      Midhun Jith
    • Wooow!

      Saswat mohanty
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