The Forbidden Poem

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  • The Forbidden Poem

    • I was a Sperm, I didn’t know I exited until I was born.i don’t remember where was I until I was born, why do I fear death now bwhatbis it that I have seen that has made me to fear death so much.whatbis it that I fear so much to leave behind, I was a Sperm how did I grow up to have so many problems,to have so many fears and heart breaking moments not to mention the regrets.
      I mean I was a Sperm after all how did I ended up in a river with waves of sins , I knew nothing I was at peace. My Mystery and fear of where to go after death forbids me from dying,I mean I was Sperm.
      Is this life worth to leave behind, are these memories worth to be sacrificed for death, are all this places worth to be sacrificed for death.i mean I was Sperm with no worries,why do I fear so much now ,why don’t worry so much now.
      When I look out I see house’s and people as I go back back to my comic house I see livestock too, then I wonder what is it that I fear so much I mean I was just a Sperm.

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