The crown of your dream

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  • The crown of your dream

    • The purpose of existence is to live
      and lift the crown of your dream
      to keep pure your heart
      to flow in the stream
      unless you nurture the seed
      of intelligence with your light
      you will not be able to move
      the mountain and take flight

      you are born with the gift to create
      whatever you desire in the mind
      look deep into the silence
      to remove any dark clouds
      until the treasure rewinds
      the storm of difficulties
      only appear for the renewal of
      your faith
      the changing colors in the horizon
      sits silently
      for the award you await

      as you move tirelessly to fulfill
      the task for which you are designed
      to achieve ahead
      do not trample over the weak
      but rather extend a lending hand instead
      while the waves in the ocean
      may seem rough at the top
      underneath lies the pearls of wisdom
      within your reach
      you are a replica of the infinite
      spark and have the potential to unleash

      success can only come with sacrifice
      when you are determined not to fail
      the journey of life may seem long
      – know there is a shadow companion
      on your trail
      the smile on your face will come
      when the whole world will smile
      in return
      the gift of intelligence will
      shower your dream with what
      you desire to learn.

      sookdeo manansingh
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