Tale of Corona virus

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  • Tale of Corona virus

    • It seems like fairytale
      my mama used to tell in April.
      No one was serious.
      Yet the news keep popping
      and then the number
      scary numbers
      keep rising
      like blood moon rising.
      Boom! From Wuhan
      the world was locked,
      we all became prisoners
      even with no crime
      and then our stomach
      suffer like a depressed economy
      with slim hope.
      Entanglement was a mirage
      even with loved ones
      they say social distancing
      how difficult?
      Our eyes on labs for vaccine
      The world knee in anguish
      As the sledge hammer of Covid-19
      hit left, right and centre
      The centre was overwhelmed
      And then pain gripped the world
      Mother earth cried
      Yet no one wiped its teary eyes
      As she calls out for help
      Everything changed
      As Chameleon every system changed.
      Even in the pain of the pandemic
      A new era was born.
      Era of conspiracies
      Era of Covid-19 politics.

      ©️ *Etumnu emeka Williams*

      Etumnu Emeka
    • Great

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