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    • Speaking on mass destructions
      Hope has never changed still,
      We need a way for our passion,
      Sending waves of thought to every awareness taking action,
      Media has been a mess,
      Talents seem to be a curse,
      What more to beg for us to be the best?

      Children acting shaking minds of parents,
      As those gather to weep the effects of their actions,
      They add more trauma to the minds of the youth,
      The heart beat of the nation,
      As I pay attention I wish them education.

      To those of us who write and recite,
      Its quite a brutal scene to be depicting,
      As we bear witness to words sharp as bullets,
      Paving their ways to break apart future lords,
      The aim is to stop them from winning on the outer world,
      Masses gathering,
      In the circles wise men just wondering,
      Hoping that their thoughts have a way existence.

      Freeman Mohau
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