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  • Speedbreakers

    • Why have the ideas shrunk?
      Because the minds now are full of junk.
      There are many things positive in this world of negativity,
      Overthinking is a speedbreaker over creativity.

      Distractions and pamperings,
      Laziness and many more things.
      The speedbreakers for the future,
      The extinction of mother nature.
      All the major distructive imbalances,
      Have brought pandemic circumstances.

      Ancestors used to invent, understand and doodle,
      Nowadays we know just to google.
      The speedbreakers for the future,
      Stress, depression and pressure.

      Ayurveda, faith and homeopathy,
      These are some ancient ways to stay healthy.
      Nowadays everything is just a trial,
      We can’t consider anyone loyal.

      Class, stress and hypocrisy,
      Nowadays these are the priority.
      Here we mark the end of innovation,
      People love this era of saturation.

      All of this is a huge mess,
      All of these are the speedbreakers of success!
      – Harshika Mahesh Tekwani.

      Harshika Tekwani
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