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    • Lord please save me,save me from myself,
      Save me from the devil who’s claiming to be my friend.
      Life has been utter hell with full of sorrows,
      my never ending bad deeds are ruining my tomorrow.
      Feel like ending my life coz it’s full of regrets,
      Have done nothing good but instead caused distress.
      Mind is full of pain and can explode at any moment,
      I keep drowning in the ocean of pain and unending torment.
      I want a second chance to prove my worth,
      Have always been misunderstood ever since my birth.
      I hurt my parents feelings even after being conscious about it,
      This one side of me has always been the reason why people call me a hypocrite.
      Unfortunate are they for having me as their son,
      No.of people by my side after they pass would be none.
      My anger will one day ruin my life,
      Even after apologising there would be noone by my side.
      My heart cries when I’m considered a stone-hearted boy,
      Every cell in my body explodes,when being considered the bad-vibe guy.

      Athang purandare
    • Inside there lives a hermit,
      A gatherer, not a giver.

      By taking from the outer realm,
      He survived a week.

      Alone inside the hermit,
      A love pulse did beat.

      When the hermit felt the love pulse beat,
      He no longer needed to eat.

      He would take from his hermit cave and place in outer world.

      It turns out the shinies look better going out then going in.

      Hermit man, with beating heart. Look in upon your time, and find the kind of flavor that lives in inner mind.

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