Sorry To You

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  • Sorry To You

    • Something I would like to tell you
      a hundred times sorry`s to you
      I know I`m a glitchy scar in your flowless world of memories
      for being that scar for all of my mistakes I am sorry to you

      that little joke of mine takes us to the worst I’ve
      never imagined that we`re ended up like that for
      end up like this I`m sorry to you

      oh, you like galaxies and stars so much may they reach down for you (:
      I don’t know if you were reading this or not
      I am sorry to you

    • Javid My Brother

      Raped of my forever past I sought out the mother who had me. In thick bushland I staggered towards a hunter’s Moon looming over a clear sky. Ripped pants scraping legs trampled on dead foliage. Tree of my forever past show me the way. Its bent branches burned retinas gloomy watering salty tears. Javid I may have found you but we will be a gone runner tomorrow morning.
      Slow grinding teeth it’s a cruel disturbance. A flurry of birds gliding over the way water in October.

      Mimi Bordeaux
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