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  • Sanctuary

    • Admit that Sanctuary breaks ties.
      Tonight or tomorrow I

      Find the pulse between screams,
      And listen to the crying happy memories.

      Find a deluge of defeat,
      Surrounding historic building built by feet.

      Inside the traces are fading,
      So tomorrow’s meaning will mean yesterday’s defeat.
      Defined by the so many times, I so many timed.

      Taste the new by choice, remember the past by accident.
      Encrust your future in your parting crystals.

      A house of winds props your vacuous structure.

      Shade, like so many.. re-re-redefined defined. Redefined.. defined definitions of fine.

      Evolving evolutions of devolving dread. Defeat, the dirt beneath my feet.

      Combined by cures, and causes.. Why are we so narrowly wound into an infinite tapestry?

    • Well said Sir

      Michael Dotson
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