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  • Realization

    • If only it was a dream,
      A nightmare where everyone strife to be
      A dim mysterious light gleam
      A glare within a person’s soul hide

      Yet within despair, reflects hope
      A burning feeling within, Such is rare
      It started through a thought
      Which then turn into light,

      No matter what happens,
      Never let go of what you have gain
      Cause within determination
      Echoes great compensation

      Every effort does not go unanswered,
      For every mind is manned
      Like a little candle burning within
      And little by little it grown to have been,

      But for some unfortunate events
      The little candle burned no more,
      And back to the beginning it has come
      Like a sleeping bear it hybernates,

      For the little candle of hope
      One day burns much stronger
      The age of strife will one day reach
      A strong conclusion of hope and teach,

      Lest it be so a reminder to one and all,
      No one is truly a slave to one’s call
      For being free is a man’s true call
      Realizing what were, but never are
      Tied to chains? We never were…….


    • Hi! Loved Your Poem Dear.. I wish I had the talent to write Poetry.

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