Rain Defining Her

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  • Rain Defining Her

    • The heavens have opened
      Being a nice weather… For ducks
      For a girl who feels
      Unfortunate and sad about her life
      The rain cried into its sleeve
      With every drop cleansing her vision
      And taking away all the whine
      For every streak of thunder
      Matching the beats of her heart
      For every flash of lightning
      Empowering her to conquer the fear
      The patter of rain
      Whispering across her skin to calm
      Her loud and racing thoughts
      The clouds come floating
      No longer to carry rain
      But to add colours to her sunset sky
      The cold breeze blowing out
      Her anxiety and refreshing her brain
      The petrichor hitting her senses
      And scenting happiness over agony
      In the fullest of time
      Her soul was drenched in the Rain
      With a feeling of joy, a peaceful emotion
      She was replenished
      That helped her to live
      And helped her to grow!!

      – Prathyusha H Kumar

      Prathyusha H Kumar
    • This is amazing. Well done

      Etumnu Emeka
    • Its forbidden

      Oh! my heart cant desire the dream of youth.
      Its forbidden.

      Like the apple, the Eve had desired,they think me so
      Its only fault is to fly up the suffocating sky
      Far across the land, the land of nowhere.
      where no man desire to break ones soul.
      where poetry speak its true essence
      leave back behind the intellectuals.
      Oh! my heart can’t desire the dream of youth.
      Its forbidden.
      Here every men falls, from the desired heaven
      where everyman has a broken soul,
      where poetry speakes only in pages
      Leave back behind all the desires
      In the land of high intellectuals.

    • I know i’m good according to me.
      I know the soul inside me, questions me.
      When things go wrong.
      But, believe in yourself.
      Let people say what they want
      Let people rag how they want
      Let people insult but think this is what we want,
      If your answer is no, then believe in yourself
      Be studied for everything
      Be ready for everything
      Be steady for everything
      Life is all about a school, college and camp
      But did you know you are a good champ
      If yes then believe in yourself…

      Hayaa yusuf

      Believe in yourself
    • beautiful poem.

    • Nice one

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