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  • Onism

    • now and then form time to time
      i find myself standing there
      my eyes aweakeen while
      my heart dilated to see
      my body exposed
      to such fossilized force

      and everything slowly flew for me
      for the way i love you now
      for the way i loved you then

      like a Monaliza waiting for the next lover
      for whom maybe the perfect cover
      perfect victim,perfect match
      and everything doesn’t match with me

      standing there like a sniper without a riffle
      waiting for that perfect second suprisingly
      may never came,lost in mind
      i close my eyes and all the sudente
      a voice whispered to me saying
      just take this dam shot and if you were lucky enough
      you will get to oversee it swivelling and revolving
      to a amaizing supernova
      © 2 hours ago, jawad jekhakha

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