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  • One Day Soon

    • There will be more sleepless moments,
      trying hard to accept the truth I can never fend,
      You know how much I love you but why?
      My heart is dying- almost white and dry,

      Why did you fight the war alone?
      Why did you break our promised home?
      Why didn’t you bother joining me in?
      I thought we were one- I thought we’ve always been.

      I could ask you over and over,
      because I feel it is still worth the try.
      I keep praying He’ll give you back to me one way or another,
      a different me, a different and happy us this time.

      ‘Don’t lose her’ that’s what my heart is beating;
      ‘Nah, she’s let go so do it too’ brain has been telling.
      ‘She’s now gone and decided…
      ‘Maybe you should too and let your heart bleed’.

      ‘Maybe you just have to wait’ my subconscious kicks in,
      ‘wait for your feelings to die so you’d be okay’
      ‘let her be for she doesn’t need you anymore, that’s what I mean.’
      ‘someone will come for you and make you feel alive again one day.’

      Maybe I can’t say goodbye because I know in my heart I’ll just be around.
      Maybe I can’t disappear because I know I’ll never ever be found.
      Maybe I can’t let you go because my brain just said so.
      Maybe I can’t end this because I know my heart won’t follow.

      I may never fully understand the reason why and how,
      I may never get the explanation I needed now,
      I have been true and pure to the woman I’ve ever loved wholeheartedly,
      One day soon I’ll accept all of this and you won’t have to think about me.

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