Oceans, Poetry, Eternity

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  • Oceans, Poetry, Eternity

    • Oceans, Poetry

      On Oceans, a shell, pages that don’t turn, a day that never is……….

      The Beloved’s i.e. Divine kisses are better than wine , says the Bible….

      A kiss placed on the pain deep and a kind word on another ache…..

      A pebble writes in eternity, while waves are formed…

      Do oceans make poetry or poems cause oceans
      Doesn’t matter

      Its Eternity!


      Oceans, Poetry, Eternity

      Not a there

      An amiable hovering of undefinable and yet known,

      There are shells that echo on the shore, here.

      The being here,..not desolate mountains or deserted plains
      A here, where the heart will never need to empty out the coils of aching.

      When oceans don’t turn their pages, and pens live on their shore for long

      Here, in an accepting of life

      Shells yet echo your poems.

      Each word opened as liberated clouds
      Rains ..

      Love finds you …here
      Here, where the pen never embarked to void forever

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