Now we grow old

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  • Now we grow old

    • There is a trust in words,
      Like a trust in dying.

      No one knows if they exist,
      But we are taught to see their power.

      Power which we chose to give away,
      To those more tactical than our young hearts.

      Now we grow old, and try to steal power from others.

      Given the state of things,
      I am tempted to expel our last counsel.

      Truth becomes us.

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      Michael Dotson
    • Citylights and flight

      Outside my window,
      stands a world
      the one which I have to
      the one which I yet
      have to see,to find,
      to explore.

      The wing of my flight,
      the beautiful night,
      so appealing seem the
      glistening lights.
      the city of stars,
      under vagrant white
      just two glasses apart
      but far below down.

      I’m high up in the sky,
      far apart from the world,
      alone in this vastness,
      with no-one to hear.

      I understand things,
      more than I can’t,
      but the only thing
      that I don’t know-
      is how to land.

      Aura Holmes
    • Trace the blinding lights to the fire,
      and realize that the incandescent is opaque.

      Hold the heat that melts your substance, and realize that what you are made of does not go away.

      Follow the small as it becomes the massive, see how disorder repeats itself.

      See how direction is wherever you are looking. Close your eyes and fall.

      Sometimes a choice defines you. Choose to define a choice.

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