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  • Noise

    • Bellowing echoes, under the caves
      Some would say it were apes
      But then it were only weeps
      Hearing it was like a goose on the loose

      Thinking about it was like a leesh
      However I felt a leech
      The bellowing of the wind
      The roaring of the caved

      Getting harder and louder
      Yet it was like nothing but a bother
      The light shimmering through a window
      Was just but a dream of a meadow

      The gleaming dream continues to glow
      But the segment within grows ever low
      Tired of seeking we sought for sound
      And yet we wondered who had howled

      The boiling water slowly evaporates
      Hot burning fire disintegrates
      Like a wildfire it spreads
      And so unto to the fire we all turned to ashes

      Like the sun the spots, which are fiery red
      So the songs are sang, tales are told
      Yet still we are held
      To a smoking gun we all bared

      Because no one truly dared
      The destiny that was once shared
      Was already far from reached
      Unless it was truly breached

      The rippling of water, has a clear effect
      But the water is no bother
      For the distraction,
      Was merely a construction

      And so, I give you the mind’s creation
      The sound of silence is truly a work of imagination…….


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