Nine Lives

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  • Nine Lives

    • Nine Lives.

      Silly little humans, you don’t have nine lives!
      Unlike me, a fast feline.
      I watch men in lab coats scurry like mice,
      One life gone.
      “Where’s planet B?” I hear one ask,
      There is no second chance for you humans.

      Second life gone, eaten up by consumers,
      My cousin, the tiger, told me,
      The great trees that once stood tall,
      Tumbling towards the tyrannical floors.
      Third life wasted, animals are on vacation,
      Migration, is more suiting, let’s give a standing ovation.
      Where are their homes, I wonder?

      News of Planet B is fake, desolate lands lay in wake
      Hope dissipates, the rust sets in.
      I see your communities panic, frenzy fanatics
      Take to the streets. Protests
      Are common in these times.
      There goes your fourth life, swept away by yellow dust.

      Fifth and sixth, both jump off the bandwagon,
      You just don’t listen to mother, her rage is evident.
      Repent for your sins against nature,
      Yet you still continue to buy, you still continue to sell,
      The air is getting heavy, I hope you know well.

      Thickened smog permeates through the once blue skies,
      Seven and eight lives, all gone by the night.
      The sun seems to set, earlier than before,
      The water’s never been, darker.

      Last life left, let’s make it count,
      Stop all these nonsense, let’s give it a rest.
      Humans please hear, my one simple purr,
      The plea for the future, one for a greener

      But what do I know, Im just a humble cat,
      A creature, with lives, to spare.
      Nine lives, to be, exact.

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