My Nordic Christmas story

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  • My Nordic Christmas story

    • I bought boots for Christmas to tread the icy plains.
      I bought toys for Christmas with Santas in my trains.
      I lit my home for Christmas with a Cedar bright.
      I made cup cakes for Christmas for my love’s delight.
      I bought Jane a dress for Christmas with ribbons pink.
      I bought for my grandma a cozy Christmas mink.
      I bought for Jill two amazing Christmas Sparrows.
      I bought for Jack a toy quiver full of Arrows.
      I bought an Elk for Christmas with nose giving light.
      I bought for Christmas, candles for a solemn night.
      I made for Christmas a warm and sweet lemonade,
      and I sang on Christmas morn, a sweet Serenade.

      Joseph C Ogbonna
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