mother of the world

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  • mother of the world

    • Can you see as far as the stars in heaven
      can you see through the clouds in the night
      you are not different from the waves in the ocean
      nor are you different from the leaves in the tree

      the flowers blossom in spring and soon dry in the sun
      when in summer the rain disappears into the horizon and the lakes run dry
      no wonder in autumn the branches remove their garment to stand like a skeleton in the shadow
      and then winter brings the coldness with the breeze to replace the natural
      carpet on the meadow

      the volcano erupts from beneath the earth and takes the spoil into barren ground
      the earthquake caused the mountain to tremble and the towers come crashing to the ground
      to answer the anger of the wind the storm disrupts the flow of silence in the sea
      and the tornado brings down the bridges to disrupt the unity of peace
      that keeps the society free

      you are not blind but have the power of intelligence to create
      you are not deaf but know to see knowledge to see the light of your soul
      can you predict the future should you be allowed to lead
      the symbol of your birth empowers you to succeed and never turn your back
      against nature, she is still your mother indeed.

      sookdeo manansingh
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