Moonless Night

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  • Moonless Night

    • The day is proud when the sun shines bright
      The night looks confident with the moonlight
      Although the stars beautiful like diamond white
      A night without the moon just does seem right.

      In your presence the sky is brought to live
      When hidden, the birds will lose their drive
      Darkness gets excited as it begins to thrive
      Nothing can replace you, even if they are five.

      Although you aren’t seen, I can tell where you are
      I feel your radiance, even when you are afar
      You are different, not the sun that leaves a scar
      You are the moon, way higher than the star

      You are obscure in the sky but found in my heart
      Covered by the cloud, I will always feel your light
      But nothing feels better than the full moon night
      When you are conspicuous and I see you in full sight.

      Afis Bakare
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