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  • Misfits

    • I am not a wolf
      Who hunt in groups
      But with the same delima
      I am a lion, with no troops.

      I am not excepted by ‘them’
      ‘Them’ who calls me the lone
      I have no one to chit-chat
      But I am not alone.

      I am with my shadow
      People say it fades in darkness,
      But no, it doesn’t
      But it escapes in a go
      Just to teach me
      “That i don’t be the bone of contention”.

      “The desires of the people in this world is insatiable”, says he
      “If you wish to fulfil, then graze”
      Graze, the grass of misfits, sadness”
      “The grass which is biter though,”
      “Yet to be accepted”
      “But for whom…This world which tells you a misfit?”

      I realized the sorrow of him
      Whether the light of hope is bright or dim
      I smiled and looked at ‘them’
      ‘Them’,who made me feel shame
      And finally to ‘him’, who made my way to achieve the
      ‘HALL OF FAME’

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