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    • love is just a fucking melodic drama
      ripped heart, ripped skin
      scars in , scars out
      bleeding inside , got no one to heal

      lying on the floor
      staring at the ceiling of the room
      tryna smile like a fool
      can’t hold it anymore
      hoping for the best
      the worst is happening
      assuming the worst , hurting herself

      eyes closed , feeeling moments
      the feeling, forgot the way how it felt
      looking deep into the mirror , pointing herself
      she’s breaking down
      still pretending
      tired of pretending ?!
      no , she ain’t
      bullet in her heart
      got no one to hold her
      falling down , got no one to save her
      went through thick and thin
      got no safe place
      lost the happy place
      still wondering
      thinking if it’s forever ?

      she tryna be a bitch
      but she can’t
      hoping for the best for everyone
      made a fool out of herself for others

      she is falling apart
      spilling what’s on her mind
      but no one tryna understand
      she got herself for the rest of her life
      but still fingers crossed

      Richa Roy
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