Maybe listened…

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  • Maybe listened…

    • Come on, try , this is nothing hard
      You can fly , yeah , you can fly
      (If someone ‘d said this
      I could ‘ve cried)
      You go away ,this isn’t for you
      Sit over there and shut the mouth
      (But I couldn’t wait
      I just want to say it)
      We can do as we are perfect
      You lack things as a nonsense
      (No, it’s just here
      I can be imperfect )
      This you have to tolerate
      Don’t say I can’t adjust ever again
      (As I being nice for a while
      Now I can also open my demons eyes)
      These are all true what we saying
      Those books are coming afer seeing us
      (When I knew it’s not true
      I can write my own rules)

    • i like it

      let it out
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