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  • loveless

    • Hearing the sound of the thunder,
      Make me wonder,
      Is it right for me to stay?
      And endure the painful words that they say,

      Am I that bad?
      That staying here with them make them sad,
      Am I that unlucky?
      That’s why no one wants to be with me,

      Feeling like I’m living alone in this world,
      Creating my own fantasy,
      And hoping it would come to reality,
      But still can’t imagine myself alone in this world getting old,

      Wishing someone would be by my side,
      And become my shoulder every time I cry,
      Someone I could hold on to,
      And support me in anything I do,

      I don’t want to be alone,
      I need someone that I can call my own,
      Where we can hold each other,
      And create our own forever.

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