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    • What is love? It is not praying to God.
      Is it just a word or is it the world‘s truth?
      What is love? It is not what we thought.

      Without love you feel the unforgivable pain of living the same each and every day and you can be the only one to blame. Don‘t look at me as I am alone, at least, in someone‘s heart, I have a home. I know, you think you are a stone with this miserable tone, saying that you don‘t need to be loved, than why are you praying to God while crying for love? No one ever thought a person like me could actually be the one searching for the reason in living, I found it is giving. And I can never forget the pain of being the same each and every day.
      Don‘t ask me if it hurts, just Imagine being a flightless bird. Watching the sky in a „happy person“ disguise, do you know what this did to me, I couldn‘t even see a reason to be. Do you knwo what made me realize that I am not in a worthless fight, the feeling that changed my mind and made me fly. It was
      Losing myself in your beautiful, blue eyes.
      Owning enormous butterflys in my stomach.
      Visualize your face even in the late nights.
      Everything I said wakes me up in sunrise.

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