Living the dream

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  • Living the dream

    • The sun gives light
      so the whole world will see
      as the sages give words of wisdom
      for all of humanity to be free
      with faith we nurture the seeds
      that will cause them to grow
      with intelligence we seek knowledge
      to create that we will come to know

      we are always in company with the infinite
      \for the shadow follow us behind
      the stars in heaven never falls asleep
      they continue to merge the thoughts
      that flows through the mind
      the wave in the ocean never cease
      that we can recognize Godliness
      and to remain pure
      trials and tribulations
      will always keep us engaged that we will have
      patience to endure

      the layers of clouds will pass above
      for the vessels in our mind
      will have rain
      that we must not be trapped by illusion
      and from temptation we shall refrain
      the fountain of happiness will continue to flow
      and glitter like pearls in the stream
      we are fortunate to be crators
      of our destiny by living the dream

      as seasons change nature teaches us
      to adapt patterns of habits to follow
      as magnets we are attracted to the sun
      there should be no reason
      for us to live in sorrow
      happiness is in living and giving
      to the world of humanity
      the knowledge we learn
      Mother Earth have unconditional love
      equal to the sun
      for all to reap the reward in return

      sookdeo manansingh
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