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    • We all have been given this gift of life
      But we don’t know how to live
      We forget to read the Life Manual
      Today, this to you, I give

      This Life Manual that I share
      Is what I have experienced
      It’s not theory, it’s practical
      It’s the way I have lived

      Who are we? Why are we here?
      This we were never taught
      We live through life and soon it’s over
      But these questions, we forgot

      Are we the body that lives and grows
      And then finally dies?
      Or are we something else, which at death
      Into the universe flies?

      What about the mind, do we have one?
      Has anyone found the mind?
      We can touch our nose and scan our heart
      But the mind we cannot find!

      Life is a journey from birth to death
      There is no guarantee
      We pay nothing for this precious gift
      It is given to us for free

      But there is a purpose for us on earth
      Not to just live and die
      Before this journey comes to an end
      To find out, ‘Who am I?’

      We are not the body, we are not the mind
      Nor the ego that we are told
      The truth is different, we must realize
      We are the Divine Soul

      Instead of realizing this truth, we wander
      In this world of many a thing
      We crave for pleasures, but don’t realize
      Happiness is a state of being

      Things don’t make us happy
      Nor people, or places give us bliss
      Happiness is an inner thing
      In life, this truth we miss

      Everybody has problems; this is a fact
      A problem free life is an illusion
      Problems don’t come to stay forever
      Get rid of this delusion

      We think time is ticking, but time is still
      It is life that actually moves on
      Moment by moment, we live our life
      Till death, from the time we are born

      What do we do when we start our day?
      We just jump into it
      We never learnt what life truly is
      For this, we must silently sit

      It’s only when we spend time in peace
      That we will experience joy
      Then we will feel what true bliss is
      It’s amazing, oh boy!

      But we don’t stop to understand life
      We are just running in this race
      We increase our pace and get caught in the maze
      Trying to be an ace!

      Somebody told us, ‘Success is Happiness’
      So the wealth of this world we chase
      In the end, our life is in a mess
      Though we have gold, diamonds, and lace

      But nothing belongs to us, don’t we know?
      We will leave everything behind
      We come with nothing, we go with nothing
      This truth – when will we nd?

      Those who try to understand life
      They live with contentment
      They don’t let their greed overtake their need
      They find fulfilment

      There is a way to everlasting joy
      And to experience Divine peace
      For this, we must smell the flowers
      And enjoy the rabbits and the geese

      We are so busy in this material world
      Spirituality, we do not know
      Very few realize we are the Soul
      Before the time comes to go

      Life is a product given to us
      But we don’t unwrap this gift
      The paper and ribbons are still around
      Till that time when we don’t exist

      We just exist, we don’t really live
      We don’t discover what life is
      Sinking in this world of material pleasure
      Peace and bliss we miss

      And so, I thought I’ll write this book
      Not just scratch my pen
      But share with you what life truly is
      Before my life comes to an end

      We still have time, we can discover
      How we must live our life
      How we can find joy and peace
      Escaping misery and strife

      We have a choice, we have a free will
      Everything doesn’t depend on luck
      The Universal Law of Karma does work
      What we sow is what we will pluck

      To think our thoughts, we have the mind
      But it makes us wander, in fact
      To eliminate the stress and worry it causes
      We must use our intellect

      The intellect is a tool given to us
      To discriminate black from white
      To make important decisions of life
      And to choose what is right

      We live with passion and attachment
      While nothing belongs to us
      The way to joy is detachment
      Just letting go, without a fuss

      Why should we fear? Why should we worry?
      Why be stressed and anxious, my dear?
      Find the way to be happy
      Right through the year

      For this we must pause, not rush through life
      This gift of life we must understand
      Enjoy the mountains and the sunsets
      Beautiful beaches and white sand

      We still have time to realize the truth
      Find out, ‘Who are we?’
      We are not the mind; we are not the ego
      That constantly says ‘It’s ME’

      One day, the body will die
      But the one who was alive within
      Will carry all actions unsettled
      And be born with a brand-new skin

      How does death happen, do you know?
      It’s when the Soul inside departs
      When the life power in us decides to leave
      Then this chapter ends, another starts

      Whatever we think and we call, ‘Ours’
      People, possessions… everything
      At death nothing will belong to us
      We can’t even carry a ring

      What is death, have you ever thought?
      Or do you just blink your eyes?
      It’s time to stop, to contemplate, to think,
      Whenever somebody dies

      We too will go one day, for sure
      We will not be forever on earth
      Every living being that lives
      Must die, if it takes birth

      But we don’t realize all this
      We are ruled by the monkey mind
      Until we stop its constant chatter
      The truth we will not find

      For the mind is full of rotten thoughts
      We suffer because of this junk
      If we want to discover the true meaning of life
      We must make the monkey a monk

      There’s one more thing to learn in life
      That agony is caused by the ego
      For if we want to nd our God
      We must let go of our ego

      Our Ultimate Goal is to realize God
      Not in a temple, monastery or church
      God lives within our heart
      When will we start our search?

      We all remain stuck in our religion
      About God, it teaches us ABC
      We need to grow and evolve spiritually
      Then the true God we will see

      God doesn’t live on a distant planet
      Somewhere far away
      It’s God that makes our heart beat
      Each moment of every day

      Most of us are ignorant
      And think ignorance is bliss
      How to live this amazing life
      Alas, we just miss!

      We live, we die, we are born again
      Such is the life show
      Karma will decide when we will die
      When it is time to go

      If we plant apples, we won’t get mangoes
      It’s a law, don’t you agree?
      Such is the law, we die and take rebirth
      From this cycle, we must be free

      There is a way to escape Karma
      And to escape from rebirth
      If only we realize we are the Divine Soul
      We won’t return to earth

      Realization is a rare gift
      Not everybody this treasure can find
      Those who truly love God
      Transcend body, ego and mind

      They discover they are the Soul within
      In fact, they are Divinity
      They don’t see humans as bone and skin
      They see God in you and me

      This is the ultimate goal of life
      For us to realize the truth
      We must discover who we truly are
      Get to the bottom of the root

      But we are so busy consuming life
      The Life Manual we do not read
      All we know, is to clothe this skin
      And our greedy body we feed

      Having fun, life gets over
      But hello! That’s not the end!
      Death is not the end of the game
      Death is only a bend

      It’s time to stop and to start anew
      Living life each day
      Holding the Life Manual in our hand
      And finding the right way

      Understanding life is an important thing
      Who are we? Why are we here?
      Realizing the truth and then being free
      Living without a tear

      We can be conscious and live in bliss
      We can have joy and peace
      If only we understand this product called ‘Life’
      But we must pay our fees

      Then we will be free from problems and sorrows
      We will only have joy and bliss
      We will enjoy each moment of life
      This treasure we will not miss

      This Life Manual is a Divine gift
      It shows us the way to live
      To realize God in every Soul
      As we give and we forgive

      It’s time to wipe out all that we’ve learned
      Cleaning the slate of our mind
      Living a new life with this Manual now
      Joy, peace and bliss, we will find

      AiR Atman in Ravi
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