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    • Taste the tequila sunrise, Taste the heaven’s rice,
      Isn’t life a masterpiece? Appreciate their magnificence.
      Taste the kiss of nature, Taste the breast of Mother Earth’s venture.
      Now I ask you, is this life that boring?
      Understand the sequence, is this life that blurring?

      I wear an environmental revolution.
      I am a leader for the new generation.
      I, myself, was as big as an association.
      I, myself, could be the greatest elongation.

      I’ll shift for the best coalition with the torch and my body, I will lead the procession.
      I’ll march a thousand seas for acquisition.
      I’ll march to the destroyed everything for reposition.

      What’s the best meditation?
      Putting your life at risk for something you won’t have for a lifetime?
      What’s the best meditation?
      For me, I never sold happiness for my own life.

      Taste the tipsy water, erase all motherfuckers.
      I never had a companion brother, so I sail with my companion shadow.
      Taste the margarita of life, isn’t it strange we’re unto destroying it?

      Taste the deadly cognac of lilac flowers,
      Isn’t it strange we’re unto destroying it?
      Or you’re used to destroy God’s pet.

      Genotiva Trojan
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