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    • I’ve watched for so long
      Neptune is silent
      Saturn stays smooth
      and me, violent.

      Across the belt
      Mercury, Venus, Mars
      small, warm and dust
      Then Earth, with prison bars

      I will see them change it,
      but they aren’t yet made.
      The names I forget them
      I am not the mirror

      I saw others, solid
      I watched them
      Silent, to smooth, to violent.
      Unforgiven, but special.

      The moons they hid,
      The rocks they broke
      The waters, too cold.
      Only I hid them well enough.

      Alive, but dead, like me
      They feel, love, hate.
      Moons they go by,
      they tell of the fate

      The one set in stone
      eons ago
      I have killed
      That which they will

      Then the dead died
      gone to dust,
      except me, the weapon
      and him, the prism.

      Paths of light intertwine
      Time and gravity reset
      I will kill my own…
      I have killed my own.

      Backwards and Forwards
      A battle of time,
      we both lost
      in our own line.

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