Illusionary Feeling

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  • Illusionary Feeling

    • it was mid-summer evening
      that i fell in love with you
      like bliss
      it was near that autonomous spring
      that i walked away from you
      like this

      we fell too sudden
      we ended so soon
      none of this would’ve happen
      if we didn’t meet on that circumstantial happenstance
      under that blue moon

      you were such a paragon
      and i was the beast
      i was the rose as you thought
      and you were the weeds

      we approached each other
      like moths attracted to the fire
      we floated like feather
      prancing in the air with nonexistent dire

      we stared at each other’s windows of our souls
      we saw through each other
      nonetheless we supposed

      it was the lightest feeling ever
      incomparable, immeasurable, immense
      infinitely finite, intense
      hoping it would last forever

      when winter came it felt frozen
      the icicles fell and we were broken

      the feeling was cold
      and you were colder
      your feelings were sold
      to another customer
      – you left me behind

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