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  • I want to know

    • Oh!yes
      Here are lots of things
      I want to know about myself
      But turning back in time
      Make me to make changes
      Is that’s all my life?
      I want to know
      Keep coming back over here
      Rushing towards new future
      And can I find an answer
      To get the penecea
      For my only paradise
      Running out of power
      Just want to get there
      Before fear knocks me down
      There is a Cassel
      Faling down
      I can sense someone’s blood in air
      Dark devil says don’t dare
      Over here and there
      Just pecies of iced past
      Stil covered,& cloudy
      It’s pretty hard to discover
      I want to know about myself

      That’s not fair to count on else
      For your own real fear
      Hiding head down with hands
      Even an unknown wall can become a shield
      Unlike a fighting soilder who can be counted on
      I can’t understand without rising reasons
      Making one belief is making me more evil
      When time reveal the things it’s clear
      Trying to move on is it near
      I want to know
      About the real things who’s not joking here
      Feeling my scars I might’ve named
      Memories unclear, manifestations bear
      Something is over here sounds familiar
      One window is with a broken glass
      I want to know about myself

      Trying once more taking a start
      Peeking through the window to know
      A tree is far without any leaves
      But still flowers growing underneath
      Is this some magic making illusion
      What is it they are getting, as provision
      I want to know
      Is this a contradiction ,we must live into
      The main thing in life stop to grow
      When you feed attention to the small spring
      So how maintain a balance in day and nights
      To make them bloom together and safe
      I want to know about myself

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