I See A Rainbow

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  • I See A Rainbow

    • I see a rainbow,
      Just after the rain.
      As the water droplets, clear up, on my window pane.
      As vivid as can be in its array of hues,
      As glorious as ever, any colour we can choose.

      I see a rainbow,
      Seems like ages ago.
      Since she last paid me a visit,
      Only to quickly make a transit.
      Back to the dreamworld she belongs,
      Where she sings beautiful songs.

      I see a rainbow,
      Ah! How bright and beautiful as she,
      What a spectacular show she has put up for me.
      Steady and calm she is so full of poise,
      And then hides her face without any noise.

      I saw a rainbow,
      Now again I shall wait
      For the day I shall spot her I will be glued to my gate.
      Looking up at her with a transfixed gaze,
      I will stand still in awe totally unfazed.


      Maja Malhotra
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