I hate the world

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  • I hate the world

    • I hate the world
      by: ligaya

      The world is a liar
      When a friend says he cares
      Yet he is not
      When I told myself I’m fine
      Yet I am breaking inside
      How could that happy smiling face
      Suffering and dying with death thoughts
      When I was younger and not allowed to talk
      But expecting me to be older to understand the world
      I don’t have the right place to stand
      Everyone has something to say
      I’m confused what I mean in life
      How to define my soul and the space I am around
      I have a lot of words in my head
      But could not even speak my name
      These pages will remain in prison
      Hiding, ashamed and terrified
      Like stars buried behind the clouds
      Until the world admit he lied.

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