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    • Tears in eyes, tears inside
      I am tired
      I stay up obsessing over fears
      In my tears the sun reflects a sparkle, a fire
      My happiness perishes in the flames etched into existence by my dissatisfaction with life
      Content is a contest contended by my soul, my heart and my mind
      I venture deep into my soul on an expedition to dig up pieces of me that existed once upon a time
      A time where i loved myself

      Tears in eyes, tears inside
      I am tired!
      I question the novelty of my existence
      I feel pinned down, like a tent by a guy
      Infatuation at the thought of the way and day I’ll die
      The songs played and words said, masking lies
      I hale a picture so hale in its pinning, a contradiction of the truth inside
      The hatred resides in the crevices of my soul, riding on my fears like a jouster ready to knock out the last bit of love I feel

      Tears in eyes, tears inside
      I am tired.

      Thabang Kgaswane
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