History , Battles and Bloodsheds

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  • History , Battles and Bloodsheds

    • History wasnt made in a day , it sways in the air ,
      The Evocations of it are still remained in the clays ,
      The long stories lays with deepest tradegy ,
      The Experiment comes along with a short Strategy ,
      No human has defeated his agony in a single tear ,
      he fought and fought till he overcome his fear ,
      The mist of valour is still echoing all around ,
      though the folks were repeal and mad to Bound ,
      Their memories still hold the grudges of past ,
      that made them think and their mind to blast ,
      They left all their wealth for the sake of protection ,
      They still cry seeing their loved ones reflection ,
      “ History ” is all about of events ,
      some with happiness and some without freedom,
      Some were Enjoying the empirical wealth to the fullest ,
      Some were drowning into miseries grave from flesh to dust ,
      Others bleed to their hearts ,
      while some were wiping their fears from the start ,
      Everyone has a set of history with them ,
      Imprinted on their chests,
      Be it a victorious battle win ,
      Or riding with their life like a spin ,
      some forgotted it ,
      while some are still in it till the last ,
      Many souls still wander for peace ,
      which were killed with inhumanity and was the verge of cease ,
      The bloodshed on each clothes remain the same ,
      The grave ask them to reclaim ,
      In the heaven the innocent soul wanders ,
      At the hell , the brutality yonders ,
      Those who always bear injustice will get shadows of calmness ,
      And those who always act inhumane will get the taste of fire and warmness ,
      History was full of voyages ,
      some makes our emotions caged
      while some encourage …
      © AayeshaSarkare

      Aayesha Sarkare
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