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  • Hiraeth

    • I love motion picture;theatrics at times relate, mortifying moments remake.
      The passion, i always admire;recoup intense desire
      The fantasy and fiction evolve into addiction.
      Reverie in romance, halcyon at a glance
      At the end of most movies,there’s a scintillating story:
      Screen playing in the mind, a scenario redefine
      As a happy ending too far fetch, While a sad one makes you wretch
      If i could live in a movie ,I’d make it more whirly
      Soliloquy as of now, would not be judged somehow
      Character i may choose to play, personality fancy to portray
      Would be a shape shifter, a mutant and a drifter
      That way i play a role normally achieving my goal
      Select the present, reminisce the past, design the future ..you’re merely a cast
      No room for betray , freedom to parlay
      It’ll be play pretend with rules to bend
      If you lose you retake ,erasing then remake.
      Launch when it’s done, resume and rerun
      To delight and relish, little death accomplished.

      Darla Cash
    • I like your choice of words!

      Ashley Sakiasi
    • Ashley sakiasi thank you

      Darla Cash
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